Shelter Shelter Maintenance Check

Most people purchase their tornado storm shelter and forget about it until they have to use. When the time comes to use your storm shelters, will it be in the right condition for your family to quickly access it for their safety? Safehand Shelters offers a comprehensive Service Maintenance Check that takes the burden off your hands of having to clean your storm shelter yourself.  Whether your shelter is made of steel or break, and whether you purchase your storm shelter from us or not, you can take advantage of our Service Maintenance Check of only $299/anually. This deal will give you the peace of mind that you are need while you do with things that matter the most!

When you put the protection of your family in our hand, you get the following!

  • $299/annually Service Maintenance Check twice a year.
  • Interior clean to include treating mold, mildew or moisture, wiping down the seating.
  • Commercial pressure wash.
  • Check and replace door sweeps, if needed
  • Inspect and replace any missing labels and signage (if you purchase shelter from us)
  • Grease and adjust all door hinges, locking mechanisms, and slide bars for ease of door operation
  • Check and test all lighting and fixtures, and replace when needed *(replacement light included)
  • Clean and lubricate ventilation fans and louvers to operate freely.
  • Prime and put rust prevention paint if need
  • To extend the life of the steel door hinges, it is recommended to lubricate them at least twice a year.