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Tornado Shelter Tips

Storm Shelter tornado tips

Here is our tornado shelter tips. If you live in an area that has frequent tornadoes like Oklahoma, you might consider getting a tornado shelter for these types of storms. When you are in these storms, you need to know how to use your storm shelter and tornado saferoom effectively to give you the safety that it can provide. Find out a few tips about your shelter that will help you get through the storms.

First of all, make sure that your family knows exactly what to do during a tornado. Every member of the family needs to know where the family tornado storm shelter or tornado saferoom is, where to meet, and what to grab. Don't just assume that your children or any member of your family will know what to do. Practice your tornado shelter plan a few times with your family. Act like there is a tornado and let everyone follow the plan. This will not only teach your children what to do but it will also point out the obvious flaws with your plans that can be fixed.

Keep basic disaster supplies in the house and some in the storm shelter or saferoom. These need to be practical things like a self powered radio, flash lights, water, food, blankets, and other items that you might need. If you do keep some of these in your storm shelter or tornado saferoom, keep them in plastic to prevent moisture from getting to them.

Have some form of entertainment. At times these storms can last a number of hours. Children in a small space with nothing to do can become frustrated and fussy. Simple things like hand held video games, board games, coloring books, or a DVD player will provide some entertainment.

Have comfortable seating in the storm shelter. It's awkward to be in a place where you can't really stand up and stretch up but at the same time are uncomfortable sitting. Have something that you can sit on for more than a few hours that is actually comfortable. Follow these simple tips and your will be fine! Click Our Shelters to view our below ground storm shelter and above ground saferooms. 

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