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Say No to Fiberglass Storm Shelters

Say No to Fiberglass Storm Shelters

There is only one reason that we can think of that anyone would ever consider purchasing an underground storm shelter OKC. That reason is SAFETY, (Share this article if you agree) so why then would you considering purchasing an inferior storm shelter product that is prone to failure for your underground storm shelter OKC needs? We are speaking about using a fiberglass storm shelter as your underground storm shelter OKC to protect your family.  While fiberglass products may be good solutions for creating amazing lightweight cars, boats …etc, fiberglass below ground storm shelters are risky ideas with a proven rate of failure that is not in par with industry best practice. Yes they may be FEMA approved but that because the meet the bare minimum of the FEMA safety measures. However, FEMA doesnt test for longevity in term of deterioration of any underground storm shelter or any tornado stomr shelter for that matter. 

When we speack of cost and flexibility you will have to know that, fiberglass underground storm shelters are built from pre-designed molds that are often costly to the manufacture. So if you are wanting to have a some custom design or to make changes to your fiberglass underground storm shelter it can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars to have a custom mold built to meet the needs of your family. 

The worst part and most damaging problem for using a fiberglass storm shelter as your storm shelter is that, these fiberglass underground storm shelters interiors are built using wood products, yes thats right wood. We have know clue how these things pass the FEMA regulations, to which we would caution you to do your research to see if the fiberglass below ground storm shelter you are trying to purchase is FEMA approved. Having wood as part of your underground storm shelter can and will lead to molding and roting. We are not to scare you, but to press upon you some good research. One other downfall of a fiberglass underground storm shelter is that wood in your underground shelter is risky due to the nature of fire and with the fiberglass itself being highly flammable making it the last place you would want to be when you want to use your fiberglass storm shelter as a saferoom for home.

To give you a more of an idea why we dont recommend a fiberglass storm shelter, it has a gel coating that is designed to protect them but when buried underground these coatings tend to get spider cracks which then allow the earths moisture to start attacking the structures themselves. When an underground shelter is built from steel it will expand and contract with the earth’s movement but fiberglass lacks these must have characteristics and begins to breakdown over time leading to premature failure that can be dangerous when the time comes for your family to use it.

To enlighten you, the New Hampshire Materials Laboratory published a study in 2006 in regards to the leading causes of fiberglass structure failures. In this article they name the leading cause as Hydrolysis (delamination, blistering & bleeding). In this article they explain how many times they are asked to perform a failure analysis on something built from fiberglass. They also go into detail to explain the chemistry behind these failures and if you are seriously considering purchasing a fiberglass storm shelter or saferoom bunker then you should definitely take the time to read this article.

A quick Google search will lead you to the many failures surrounding fiberglass shelters resulting in many lawsuits and broken promises so when you are choosing an underground storm shelter or saferoom bunker, bomb shelter or any other underground shelter then please keep in mind that steel will always be your best option.