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We want to fill you in on a secret. We’ve been working hard to create a referral program just for you. To Show our appreciation for your business and your support as we continue to grow and be the premier storm shelter company dedicated to protecting you along with your friends and family. So we are excited to let you know that we have just launched our referral program, most excitingly we created our referral app to make it easier to send us your referral.  So you are invited to join the growing number of friends and family who are helping us spread the word about our quality storm shelters and outstanding service. The best part is, we will cut you check for $250 for every referral that makes a purchase with us. You can turn your connection and good will into part time profit.

  • No sign up is necessary.
  • Refer a friend or a family
  • Send us your referral using the contact form or Send it in Our Referral App.
  • They purchase any storm shelter.
  • You will be rewarded $250 per referral every time. (note: referral payments are only made when your referral purchase any storm shelter and it is installed. Payments are made after install. 

Please us this contact form below to refer a friend to us. Please put their full name, email and phone number in the contact from below. In the subject box please type the following  "reffered by (your name, email and phone)" this will help us track and send you your referral check once your referral purchase any storm shelter and its is delivered and installed. Please do not send us random people who are not in the market for a storm shelter and who you do not have their permission to send us their information. We want to respect those people and not waste their time. Thank you in a advance. 

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