5x7 Steel In-Ground Garage Shelter

This storm shelter is ideal and perfect for any medium sized family. With many features listed below and a great affordable price for this below ground storm shelter it is sure to keep your family safe and protected. 

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Finance $115/m

Steel In-Ground Interior Shelter

Size: Medium 5x7x5'6

Occupancy: 10-12 Adults

10 gauge Steel



Sliding Door

Price Includes Install

  • Lifetime non-transferable warranty against leaking and floating
  • 5/yr Installation Warranty
  • 2/yr Maintenance Warrant (Clean & Maintain Every 6 Months)
  • Optional purchase for Battery powered fan, LED lights, and hand come along winch
  • Installs in garage/carport floor, directly under your vehicle, taking no usable space from your garage and can be installed to allow quick access without the need to move the vehicle
  • This shelter is installed 1.5-in above concrete slab to divert any water away from the shelter lid that might accidentally be present on the slab
  • To prevent flexing while being backfilled with concrete, steel angle iron stiffeners are factory applied on all sides and across the bottom of the unit
  • The 2 piece lid system requires no space outside the area of the shelter body to open and both lids are removable from the inside of the shelter
  • Meets/Exceeds FEMA 321, 360, and ICC 500 protocols including impact testing, design pressure testing and uniform load structural pressure testing
  • Heavy duty steel construction with 1/4″ steel plate lid
  • Includes an emergency secondary opening hatch
  • Leak proof – welded inside, outside and encapsulated with ShelterShield™
  • Store away handrail
  • Removable 6″ metal steps and 8″ metal benches that are encapsulated with our non-slip coating ShelterShield™