Frequently Ask Questions

What are the Cost Factors to owning a Safehand Storm Shelter?

All of our pricing includes delivery and installed. However, installing an in-ground shelter that involves a great deal of ground prep will generally cost more than an above-ground unit that does not require any excavation. What this means is that depending on your soil difficulty such running into rocks or boulders we charge $213 after the first hour of free jack hammering the bolder to break up. Running into boulders typically rare but can happen so please be mindful of that. 

What materials are typically required for storm shelter installation?

All of our Storm shelters are made out of 11 gage steel panels. To prevent your new storm shelter from floating and from any earthquake disruption, we backfill your storm shelters with real concrete after removing all the dirt that we dig up. We take even a step future by using a rebar anchor system that is keeps your shelter in place. With your install process of real concrete our rebar anchor system, your shelter and slab becomes one piece. So when your home moves or earthquake it your shelter and everything moves together. 

Are your Storm Shelters Handicap accessible? 

All of our above ground storm shelters are handicap accessible given the fact that you can wheel yourself in depending on the size of the above ground shelter you choose.  All of our in-ground shelters involve the use of stairs, which can be challenging for those with a disability. Our above-ground shelter is an ideal alternative.

What are the key differences between an above and below ground shelter?

The Key differences of an above-ground shelter is ideal for homes that cannot accommodate an underground structure, such as those that have water table limitations. The unit is installed above the ground, which means that it can be built within an existing structure. As a result, homeowners do not have to pay to remodel their homes or excavate their landscape for the sole purpose of installing an in-ground unit. In-ground, or underground, storm shelters are usually more secure, as they are extremely resistant to debris, strong winds, and other natural disasters. They also free up space within the home or yard due to the fact that they are subterranean. 

What are the benefits of a pre-built storm shelter?

Our pre-built shelter typically cost less than our competitors, as there are no building expenses involved that are passed along to you. The added benefit is having array of available sizes and to choose from which makes it easy to choose the one that is right for your family’s needs. Lastly, our prefabricated shelters can typically be installed more quickly than that of our competitors.

How long does it take to install a storm shelter?

Our pre-fab storm shelter can take anywhere from 5 hours to a day or two depending on the complexity of your soil. However, we rarely go pass 5 hours.  Please bear in mind that installation can also be lengthier during busy seasons, such as tornado and hurricane seasons. If you live in an area where the ground freezes, you will have to wait for it to thaw before we can consider installing an in-ground unit.

How much space do I need within the storm shelter?

Our shelters meet FEMA recommended 6 square feet of space for every person during a tornado. For example, a 5 ft. by 6 ft. shelter is suitable for a family of five in a tornado-prone area. However, It is always best to overestimate the amount of space to make certain that your shelter companions are comfortable for extended periods of time, if necessary. We can help choose the right shelters for your family.

Is there a down minimum payment?

Yes, there is a 10% down payment that is required to secure your new storm shelter. Your down payment credit to you after you shelter has been delivered, installed and sign off. Please note you if you cancel your shelter installation and no longer want Safehand Shelters we keep all of your down payment. Cancellation must be made with in 24hr of purchase. Thank you for understanding. For transparency we will advise you again before purchase. 

Why are you more expensive than your competitors?

We are more expensive than our competitor because we are in the business of saving lives, not cutting corners to make extreme amount of profit of you. We believe we all get what we pay for, we Okay with losing business over prices, we are not okay with losing lives because we cut corners.

What Do Safehand Shelters Not Carry Underground Concrete Storm Shelter?

We find that concrete there is a lot of issues that can come from having a underground storm shelter. While concrete is strong it's also very obsorbent when it wants to be and can get dry when it wants. This is all caused by temperature changes. When those things happen along with earthquakes your concrete storm shelter will get cracks start leaking and you will end up with mold. Please Click to learn more about why we say no to underground storm shelters. 

Do you require me to obtain permitting?

Safehand Shelters handles all the permiting process for you. You time is valuable, we really mean it when we say take our hand, we will protect you.