So Why Safehand Shelters?

Safehand Shelter has an A+ accredited Better Business Bureau rating and we are the trusted storm shelter company oklahoma city needed. We provide only the best tornado storm shelters and sheds in the industry. We understand  you have gotten the feeling that there are companies who see you as a dollar sign! Worse, you paid for something and didn't get the value in exchange for what you pay for! This is what sets us apart, Safehand Shelters Storm Shelter and Shed company is driven by people but most importantly families like yours. We don't expect your business we want to earn your business. We are asking that you take our hand and let us protect you and your family. Safehand is a integrity and value driven company that is based out of the great state of Oklahoma. Our product is made in the USA and manufactured in Oklahoma, our Sheds are manufactured has over 30 years of experience in the industry using industry best practices. We are very proud of the business we have built. We are proud of the saferoom, storm shelters and shed products that we offer and the ingenuity that has gone into each one. We are proud of our quality assurance installation process that put your family safty first. We are in the business of saving lives and your family's like every other family lives we have touched is our number one concern each time we install our product.

Safehand Shelters Manufacturer

Safehand Shelters manufactures its storm shelters in Oklahoma the hart of tornado alley. Our manufacturing facility values quality and attention to detail. Our use a state of the art facility, that keeps our Storm Shelter exceeding FEMA, and ICC protols as well as exceeding industry standards. We take great pride in our product and fabrication process. We do not outsource anything, this is to ensure that we meet our own expectations, every part is checked by our quality assurance team. Components are precisely cut with state of the art lasers cuter. Highly skilled welders with more than 30 years of experiences bring all the components together. The result is a completed engineered product as desigh and intended. Every shelter is then inspected by our quality assurance team and palletized for shipment. Our manufacturing takes great pride in our craft because they too have a family and understand that a family like theirs will be using this shelters. Rest assure when you take our hand and trust us with your business, you will be protected people who understands the importance of their jobs. We are in the business of protecting lives and we want to protect yours!.